Niobium Sales Completed WITH SUCCESS!

The Niobium Bomesp announces that our ICO has been completed on February 21, 2018 and tokens can be traded on International Exchanges.

* Negotiations with potential brokers and between people are the sole responsibility of those involved

Congratulations and Thank you to all investors!

COINPrice $Price R$Price €
ETH$ 560.16R$ 1953.11€ 454.56
NBC$ 1,87R$ 6,51€ 1,52

More Than A Digital Currency

Niobium Coin is a safe currency, private and easy to handle . Your code is open and is available for free to all. It was created on the Ethereum platform to boost all the services that will be provided on the platform of the São Paulo Digital Business Exchange (BOMESP).

Simplicity is everything

Ethereum Platform

Niobium was built on the Ethereum platform, which is an open source technology for smart contracts built on BlockChain.

Autonomous and Independent

Niobium was based on intelligent contracts (Smarts Contracts), which makes it completely autonomous and does not require any human intervention.

Unequivocal Programming

Niobiums are implemented using a programming language known as Solidity, similar to JavaScript, so they are safe and fail-safe.


Smarts Contracts are extremely resistant to malicious attacks or external manipulation.

Multiple Uses

Niobium, in addition to its great deal of power, can be associated with a huge number of possible uses, such as the provision of insurance.

The Utilization

The main services provided by BOMESP will be charged through Niobiums, which will guarantee the use of the currency, as well as the platform will allow its users to practice millions of virtual currency trading operations per second.


Our Team

Our team consists of entrepreneurs from the areas of technology, games, internet and programming engineers, as well as financial and legal professionals.

Gilberto Akisino 

Alessandro Brandão 

Andreas Hüttner 

Erik Vasconcelos 

Vanda Scartez 
Advisor |

Fernando Barrueco 
Legal Advisor |

Paulo Perrotti 
Legal Advisor |

Jorge Etges 
Advisor |

Nilton Garcia
Institutional Director for Europe |

Technology Partners

FITec Inovações Tecnológicas 

Technical Consultant |


Stage 1: Pre-presale Details

  • Amount to be raised in pre-presale: 10,000 ETH
  • Price: 1 ETH = 600 NBC
  • Pending will be filled in Crowdsale: Yes

Stage 2: Presale Details

  • Any Pre-sale: Yes
  • Amount to be raised in Pre-sale (above pre-presale): 10,001 ETH to 20,000 ETH
  • Price: 1 ETH = 450 NBC
  • Pending will be filled in Crowdsale: Yes

Stage 3: Crowdsale Details

  • Crowdsale Type: ETH Capped
  • Max Cap: 20,001 to 564,000 ETH (including pre-sale & pre-presale)
  • Min Cap: 100 ETH
  • Cryptocurrency involved: ETH and BTC
  • Crowdsale Start (Approx): 9 AM UTC, 15 Jan, 2018
  • Crowdsale End (Approx):  11:59 PM UTC, 21 Feb, 2018
  • Price: 1 ETH = 300 NBC


During the Token Sale, it was created 102.289.706,27 tokens, which is distributed in this way:

Bomesp (45,5%)

Marketing (1,3%)

Developers (1%)

Team (6%)

Market (46,2%)

In the Media

Article about Niobium on Yahoo! Finance

It was released on January 18, 2018 a story on the Yahoo! site Finance on Niobium and Bomesp. The article begins by explaining what is Niobium Coin, highlighting the important decision taken by the CVM …

Valor Economico presents the position of CVM about Niobium

On the morning of January 3, 2018 was published on the Valor Econômico an article called “Para CVM, moeda ‘niobium’ não é valor mobiliário”.

Niobium in InfoMoney

On the morning of December 21, 2017, a detailed interview with our legal director, Fernando Barrueco, was launched. According to the author of the article, “Bomesp appears as an effective alternative for the small investor”.


On January 30, 2018 an interview with our Legal Advisor, Fernando Barrueco, was broadcast live on Facebook for the Mundo Bitcoin program, from InfoMoney.


In the night of December 14, 2017 was launched on “Reporter Brasil”. The reporting begin talking about cryptocurrencies and interview our Legal Advisor, Fernando Barrueco.


At dawn on December 9, at 1:15 a.m., in the Operation Mesquita Show, at the SBT, was aired an interview with the legal advisor of the Niobium Foundation, Fernando Barrueco.

Media Relations Contact: Key Press Com
Beatriz Marques Dias  |
Tel. +55 (11) 3266-3638  |  Cel. +55 (11) 99340-5722

Where Niobium can be traded

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co-founder of Ethereum and was also co-founder of
Bitcoin Magazine.

What Don Tapscott says about Blockchain

Don Tapscott is a Canadian writer, researcher, speaker and consultant specialized in corporate strategy, addressing topics related to digital culture, Web 2.0 and Geração Internet.

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